Southern cross to revamp local news bulletins

Southern cross to revamp local news bulletins.” The first of the letters is signed by John McCain, a longtime supporter of Mitt Romney’s campaign. (McCain spokesman Jason Miller told The Washington Post, “The senator has never supported John McCain for president. He’s not going to support John McCain for preside바카라nt.”) The letter, signed by Sarah Palin and endorsed by Romney’s top adviser, David Axelrod, refers to Paul as a “loser” and warns that the Texas senator will soon become “a candidate in many races across this country who doesn’t listen to the American people.” (Axelrod later called Palin’s letter “misinformation.”)

When Palin posted the letter, her husband appeared on Fox Njarvees.comews to accuse her of “wanting to steal the election.” This week, at the State of the Union, Romney made good on that prediction by claiming that Palin “has been a member of [the] Republican Party since the mid-’90s,” calling it an “honor.”

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