Officers failed overdosing man inquest told

Officers failed overdosing man inquest told


An inquest into the death of a Perth man in 2010 has been delayed by more than 12 months, and has heard police failed to respond properly to the man’s demands for help.

Detective Inspector Chris Beal of the Coroner’s Court said at a hearing the investigation into 31-year-old Robert McQuillan’s death remained stalled in June 2012, and a medical report on May 23 last year would take three to four months to co더킹카지노mplete.

Police were not aware that McQuillan was being treated on hospital grounds, he said.

McQuillan died on the Sunday before Christmas 2008 after drinking vodka in the back of an ambulance that had been called to deliver him to St George Hospital.

Detectives on the night failed to respond to complaints made to them about McQuillan, who was found in the ambulance with cuts to his stomach and shoulder.

However, McQuillan’s family has complained about being trea더킹카지노ted unacceptably after he was fo바카라und by police at around 12:30 a.m. on Boxing Day after he had fallen unconscious on police duty.

Detective Inspector Beal said McQuillan’s death was “appalled” by what happened, and has since sought judicial review of what he described as a “broken system”.

The inquest, which is still not due to commence until at least July, has heard McQuillan died in hospital within 24 hours after complaining about a stomach ache that night.

The case against three senior officers, including Detective Superintendent Gary MacKinnon, has been transferred to an inquest in September.

The coroners court heard police had been unable to provide the family with “specifically and regularly” with specific complaints about officers, in addition to reporting in the general public about other aspects of McQuillan’s treatment.

McQuillan’s wife, Ann, and daughter, Eloise, have been granted full access to the inquest file.

In a statement, Mr MacKinnon said police had “no further comment”.

“The officers involved are devastated, but have done everything within their power, within the law, to address the matter,” he said.

“They acted promptly, properly and with the proper legal authority, and I appreciate that, at this stage, the investigation continues.

“This matter remains an ongoing one, and we cannot comment further at this time.”

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